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At Home Sleep Study

Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) affecting your health?

90% of people are suffering from sleep apnea by being undiagnosed and untreated.

  • Oxygen deprivation causes morning headaches.

  • Snoring disrupts sleep.

  • Poor Sleep causes 20% of car crashes.

  • Stroke: 3 times higher risk for men with OSA

  • Stress: 85% of people with congestive heart failure have OSA

  • Obesity: 60 – 80% of obese people have sleep disordered breathing

  • Diabetes affects 40% of OSA patients


If any of the following are concerns you have been living with or concerned about, you should call to schedule your ENT evaluation to determine if you have OSA. If you are a candidate, an at home sleep study will be scheduled. We now have in office equipment to make this process easier for our patients and speed up the process. Once your insurance has approved the study, our in office sleep study guru will give you a call to schedule a pickup time. Our wait time is significantly less than other sleep labs. Another perk is the sleep study report time, it is cut down to 5-7 days. This helps our Doctors have the information they need to proceed with the appropriate treatment based on your results.

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