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Why Choose Us

Our practice offers a comprehensive range of ENT services including imaging, in-office procedures, allergy testing, sleep studies, and audiology. While hospital systems and academic practices provide excellent care, they may lack the flexibility to offer such a wide range of services all under the same roof.

As a specialty practice, we understand the importance of accommodating patient referrals in a timely manner, and our goal is to schedule elective/non-urgent referrals within 14 work days and urgent referrals within one to two days.

As we approach our 50th anniversary and a banner year in 2026, we are proud of our experience, reputation and longevity in the Finger Lakes region.  Our newest office in Brighton/Rochester is a testament to our commitment to providing a full spectrum of services to our growing patient population from Rochester and surrounding suburbs.

Nevertheless, even though we have grown significantly over the last few years our focus is not on seeing the highest volume of patients or having the most office locations, but on providing the highest quality of care for patients who choose us.

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