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In Office Sinus Procedures

In Office Sinus Procedures

The in/office BASS procedure is an option for patients who suffer from chronic sinus infections with an abnormal sinus CT showing evidence of chronic sinus disease and/or narrow passages. The in-office procedure offers quick recovery time without having to make a trip to the Operating Room. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for prep, local anesthesia, and the actual sinus procedure itself. We now routinely do more than just dilate sinuses- nasal procedures include repair of deviated septum or removal of septal spurs, shrinking of enlarged turbinates, and even removal of nasal polyps. There is very little discomfort during the procedure and the benefits include opened pathways to provide better drainage and improved airflow. Patients will need a driver if they choose use a mild sedation prescription that is called in prior to the scheduled procedure.

SINUVA is an in office procedure that is targeted for nasal polyps. For more information: click here

LATERA is a product that is focused for external nasal valve collapse. It helps with nasal obstruction and nasal congestion which may cause difficulty breathing during exercise or sleep.  The LATERA implant is designed to support the lateral cartilage in your nose which will increase your airflow while breathing. If you are not sure if you have nasal valve collapse you can try this simple test: Pull on your cheek to hold your nostril to the side, does your breathing improve? If you notice an improvement you would benefit from a consult!

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